ATVing at it's best with OutATime Tours

OUTATIME TOURS, an ATV adventure for

4 wheelers, established by

Roger D. Cormier of Riverview, N.B.

In 1985, Roger began organizing weekend excursions for ATV activists. The group soon became known as "Slow Poke". Roger's pledge continues to be Safe ATV Riding begins with the right attitude. If you think safety, you are much more likely to ride safely.That's why safe ATV Riding and Fun Riding are really the same thing.

Roger also believes, that a properly driven ATV creates less stress on the land than a man's footprint; lets not leave any unfavorable ones behind!

His first attempt to trike across Newfoundland's Old Railway, leaving from Port aux Basques, was in 1993. Due to lack of knowledge of the area and too much time spent fishing, the turn around point was Deer Lake. At this point, Roger made a commitment to complete the trip.

Upon arriving home, Roger began gathering all available information on the history of the Newfoundland Railway. One book he found of particular interest was "The People's Road" written by Wade Kearley who had walked the Railbed during the summer of 1993.

On an old map that outlined the railroad line, Roger began highlighting particular areas of interest and planning his next trip.

Three years later, Roger was back in Deer Lake with three close friends from Moncton; Bill Mahoney, Keith Crouse, and Hubert Bungay - all very determined to make it the rest of the way.

This second attempt began with an ironic twist! Roger had to find a doctor to remove his stitches from an unexpected operation that almost forced him to cancel the trip--he was not complaining, as he knew he was about to embark on a real life adventure.

Roger discovered that the semi-retired doctor happened to be a railroad buff who was full of useful information and helpful tips.

The group of four made it successfully to

St. John's and even spent some time on

George Street, a must see!!

Instead of returning to Deer Lake on the flatbed as was previously planned, they continued their journey by trike and hired someone to transport their vehicles to Port aux Basques.

The trip would later be referred to as "Almost A Thousand" for they traveled 996 miles, with a total of only 10 flat tires. Each flat was a funny story in itself.

Roger recalls the one and only time they tented. Their campsite was on the shore of the Howley River, as it was the only soft place they could find. It was Bill's first time tenting. For the special occasion, he purchased a two-man tent. The next morning, as he backed out of his tent, he announced that it was his first and last time to try to sleep in a tent! He gave it away!

During the winter of 1997, Roger was approached to organize a trip across Newfoundland by a group of men who had heard about his earlier excursions. He wasn't long in preparing a trip for August of 1997. This time they would leave from North Sydney and cross over to Argentia and travel across the Island to Port aux Basques.

The trip was enjoyed by all, Roger was able to meet with some of the Trailway people and had the opportunity to share a meal with Mont Lingard, author of "Next Stop: Gaff Topsail". The Gaff is an area that that can only be described as 'another world' - it is home to lots of Caribou and Partridge Berries and offers miles and miles of great riding.

Roger claims the best touton's (bread dough fried in salted butter and served with molasses) he has ever had were cooked on the Gaff by a lady who owns a cabin named "The Batt's Ness." You don't see that many people on the Gaff so when you do, you stop and chat.

On the way home, Roger knew he would be back to do it again. During the summer of 1998, Roger returned. He left from Port aux Basque to St. John's to Argentia at which time he finalized everything that was necessary for him to start up his touring company known as OUTATIME TOURS.